Painting as Object & Process

The work in the exhibition at University Centre, Milton Keynes was shown on two floors and hung in chronological order starting downstairs in the Foyer Gallery.

The exhibition served as a mini retrospective showing selected works from a six-year period demonstrating the significant developments, which took place within my interest in "Painting as Object and Process" during that time.

For detailed images of individual pieces, see below.

What began initially as a response to the natural world and in particular the processes at work along the coast developed into an almost entirely process based approach where my concerns lay only with the works' own materiality.

Exploration of the materials involved in the physical construction of what is commonly perceived to be a painting led me to create work on the boundary between that and other art forms.  For example, the absence of paint in the woven canvases and the absence of canvas in the wooden constructions suggest associations with textiles and sculpture.

Working at the edge of the medium became a major preoccupation in my practice during this time, and through an ongoing exploration of materials and processes I strived to redefine what, for me, are painting's boundaries.

Throughout this process an interesting parallel emerged from my early interest in the coastal landscape, itself an edge, a place where land meets sea: its appearance reflecting a constantly changing dialogue between the two.


sandlines 1

"Sandlines 1" Acrylic on Canvas. 117x117cm

striation 5

"Striation 5" Acrylic on Canvas. 152x91cm


"Striations" Acrylic on Canvas. 51x30cm

"Inside-Out Painting" Acrylic on Canvas. 117x183cm

"Revealed Painting" Acrylic on Canvas. 234x183cm

"Diptych 2" Acrylic on Canvas. 122x183cm

"Woven Canvas Square" 118x118cm Acrylic on Canvas.

"8 canvas squares 183x32cm"

"woven grid" 122x124cm

wooden construction 1

"wooden construction 2"
acrylic & gloss paint on wood 31x31cm

wooden construction 2

"wooden construction 1"
acrylic & gloss paint on wood 31x31cm

wooden construction 3

"wooden construction 3"
acrylic & gloss paint on wood 44x44 cm

wooden construction 5

"wooden construction 5"
acrylic & gloss paint on wood 76x76 cm

wooden construction 6

"wooden construction 6"
acrylic & gloss paint on wood 64x81cm

wooden construction 7

"wooden construction 7"
acrylic & gloss paint on wood 64x81cm

wooden construction stripes

"wooden construction stripes"
acrylic & gloss paint on wood 63x183cm