the inheritors

This further continuation of The Hazelford Project has taken a wholly figurative turn as I reflect upon and consider the quality of life of the inhabitants of the lost village of Hazelford.

This phase of the project was initially inspired by my own drawings, made back in 2011, of the enigmatic figures by Mike Roles situated in the Broomhill Sculpture Garden North Devon.   These dark and brooding forms communicated something of the underlying struggle of the human condition of buried emotions rarely brought to the surface, of anger, pain, and hidden resentment remaining undisclosed.

After Roles 1
(from a 2011 sketch)
Charcoal & white acrylic paint on cardboard 110x103cm

After Roles 2
(from a 2011 sketch)
Charcoal on sugar paper 41x64cm

Past Present (2015) charcoal on paper

Descendant(2015) mixed media & torn paper collage on paper

Study of Expression 1 (2015) charcoal on paper 72x100cm

Study of Expression 2 (2015) mixed media on paper 70x99cm

Man in Chair (2015)   acrylic & pva on canvas 93x118cm

Studies for Toil (2015) charcoal on paper 60x60cm

Toil (2016) oil on canvas 61x76cm

Girl (2016) oil on canvas 61x76cm

Patriarch (2016) oil on canvas 61x76cm

Sleep (2016) oil on canvas 61x76cm


Through the medium of collage, using paper, card and found materials, my intention is to communicate something further about my subjects and suggest a raw and weathered earthiness.

D.S.D. Collage Studies (2016)   mixed media, torn paper & cardboard collage on paper 60x84cm

Terry, drawings for collage (2016) Conté pastel and charcoal on paper 60x84cm

Head (2016) torn paper, cardboard & scrim collage on paper 60x84cm

The Inheritor (2016) mixed media 60x60cm