The Hazelford Project

The lost village of Hazelford - Further details

The lost village of Hazelford lies approximately two miles to the south east of my home, allowing for numerous site visits throughout the year.   Beginning in January 2012 the response to Hazelford has given me an opportunity to embrace my burgeoning interest in the relationship between art and archaeology.  I have sought to combine these two disciplines while working with a combination of social and historical research, documentary evidence, an experimental approach to media and processes, and an inventive use of materials.

May 2013 Exhibition

Exhibition further details

Exhibition view

Learning to use a drop spindle

Making connections

Processing fabrics

In May 2013 I showed my initial response to the site through participating in an Oxfordshire Artweeks open studio exhibition.  This took place in collaboration with visual and performance artist Rhiannon Evans.  The exhibition attracted a large number of visitors carrying a broad range of interests including: fine art, crafts, botany, archaeology, agriculture and an interest in local industrial history encompassing plush making, fulling, weaving, spinning and dyeing cloth and papermaking all processes either once present or closely connected with the site.  This exchange between the work and our visitors proved invaluable in terms of bringing us new and interesting information with which to further our creative ideas and take the project on into the future.






Mixed Media