Cornwall - An Initial Response

Since relocating to Cornwall I have been almost overwhelmed by the sheer variety of landscape available right on my doorstep. Rugged coastline, moors, rolling countryside, beautiful woodlands, rivers and so on.

My initial response has been to do just that: "respond". This has mainly taken the form of notebook and sketchbook work as a place to record and reflect upon my "finds".

Rock Geometry

More recently I have begun to focus on one particular area of interest: the very angular and geometric rock formations discovered on a walk along the coast path.

This area close to Delabole is famous for its slate quarrying hence the particularly angular and geometric nature of the stone.

Below are some examples of my initial work within this area of interest which I've entitled "rock geometry".

untitled - mono print & torn paper 15x30cm

rock geometry 1 - oil & acrylic on canvas 61x76cm

rock geometry 2 - oil & acrylic on canvas 61x76cm

rock geometry 3 - oil & acrylic on canvas 61x76cm